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[typography font=”Arial” size=”15″ size_format=”px” color=”#000000″]This Dyson dc14 has been fully refurbished steam cleaned to sanitize and comes with 3 NEW TOOLS NEW FILTERS and is guaranteed for 6 months it will be sent parcelforce24 delivery For any information call derek on 07758928185 UK MAINLAND DELIVERY ONLY [/typography]



Dyson – the cleaner that doesn’t lose suction. Others clog. Ours don’t.

With Patented Dyson technology (Root Cyclone technology) this cleaner doesn’t clog, doesn’t lose suction and still filters particles as small as cigarette smoke. Dyson has developed a unique system that does not rely on filters or bags to separate dirt from air, instead it uses powerful centrifugal force to spin the dirt out of the air, so there’s no clogging and no loss of suction. It has brush control, which means the brush bar can be turned off for rugs and delicate floors and it also has a telescope reach and a quick release wand which expands for instant cleaning. There are no running costs with this cleaner as there are no bags to buy and there is no need to replace filters, just wash every 6 months. With a tough durable construction, it is made from the strongest materials available to withstand bumps and bashes and the clear bin is made from tough polycarbonate, the same material used in crash helmets, so this is also strong and durable. This fantastic cleaner also has on-board tool storage, with tools stored securely on the machine so they’re always on-hand. The air expelled from a Dyson contains up to 150 times less mould and bacteria than the air you breathe.
Approved for allergy sufferers – All models carry the British Allergy Foundation Seal of Approval


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